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Vileda Beauty



Innovation and technology is our thing and our steam and hot spray mops give a deep down clean. The Windomatic window vacuum is one of our best selling items and the floor robots make it so much easier to sweep and vacuum your laminate and wooden floors. Just let them do the work for you!

  1. Vileda Relax Robot

    Vileda Relax Robot

    • Intelligent robot vacuum cleaner and sweeper it keeps on top of your in-between cleaning - so you can sit back and relax!
    • The rechargable cleaning robot sweeps up and vacuums the floors
    • Easy to use, switch on, select one of the cleaning programs and off it goes!
    • can be used on all hard floor types and even short pile carpet
    • Intelligent navigation system and stair sensors so it won’t fall down the stairs!
  2. Vileda Steam Mop

    Vileda Steam Mop

    • Lightweight - Easy to carry around the home.
    • Hygienic Cleaning - The power of steam matched with the superior quality of the microfibre pad ensures 99.9% of bacteria is killed from your floor.
    • 15 SECONDS TO HEAT UP! It can then can clean for up to 28 minutes on one 400ml tank.
    • For all sealed hard floor types – such as tiles, vinyl, even wood and laminate. The carpet glider can also be used to refresh your carpets.
    • It moves around furniture and objects with ease thanks to the swivel head.
  3. Vileda 100°C Hot Spray Mop

    Vileda 100°C Hot Spray Mop

    • The easy alternative to a steam mop
    • Cordless and Lightweight with no cable to get caught round furniture so more convenient.
    • Cleans for up to 30 minutes – Once heated, it can clean for up to 30 minutes giving you plenty of time to clean each room in your home.
    • Removes 99.9% of bacteria from the floor – the hot spray + microfibre pad are a perfect match to remove germs. *Tested on E.Coli Bacterium
  4. Vileda Windomatic Window Vacuum Cleaner

    Vileda Windomatic Window Vacuum Cleaner

    • Achieve a streak-free finish after washing windows, removing window condensation, wiping mirrors or cleaning up spills.
    • Suction power across the full width of the wiper blade, ensures a perfect streak-free result.
    • High quality rubber lip adapts to the surface leaving a streak-free finish.
  5. Vileda Cleaning Robot

    Vileda Cleaning Robot

    • Multiple room programs
    • Cleans right into corners, edges & even under furniture
    • For all type of hard floors and short pile carpets
    • Intelligent navigation system to cover all available floor
    • A PROGRAM is available for each room size: (S)mall rooms, (M)id-sized and (L)arge

  6. Vileda VR101 Robot

    Vileda VR101 Robot

    • Sweeps and vacuums at the touch of a button – saves you time!
    • Cleans under and between furniture, reaching corners more easily
    • The large 370ml dust bin is easy to remove and empty
    • 2 cleaning programs 20 min and 60 min for different room sizes
    • 2 cleaning patterns (spiral + parallel) for effective cleaning
  7. Vileda Steam and 100°C Microfibre Refill Pads

    Vileda Steam and 100°C Microfibre Refill Pads

    • Microfibre Refill Pads for the Steam & 100° Hot Spray Mop
    • Pack of 2 Microfibre Pads
    • Easily removes greasy marks and dirt
    • Superior Microfibre pads can be used again and again
    • Can be cleaned in the washing machine up to 60°C