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Vileda Beauty

About Vileda

Vileda brand stands for high quality, reliable, innovative and long lasting products. We pride ourselves to be your expert partner for perfect homecare. Our products are built to make your housework easier. All our efforts focus on being your reliable partner, offering you an effective, efficient helping hand when it comes to the necessary task of keeping your home clean. It is our goal to deliver innovative, high-quality products that help you save time completing those mundane household tasks, so that you really do have the time to enjoy the genuinely important things in life. That is our philosophy. It has been for generations and it always will be. The focus has consistently remained. Over the last 60 years the family-run Freudenberg Home and Cleaning Solutions GmbH (FHCS) has put together a broad product portfolio and established itself as a market leader in the mechanical cleaning products sector. The focus has consistently remained on the highest quality standards as well as consumer and customer satisfaction.

Awards and certificates from numerous, independent institutions, such as ECARF and “Stiftung Warentest”, as well as continually positive customer feedback are testament to the high quality of Vileda products.

Alongside the consumer benefit, particular importance is placed on stability and durability of the products, all of which are designed and manufactured using the latest technologies. Vileda is constantly developing new products and the materials used in their manufacture as well as optimising existing products and materials.

The FHCS research and development departments constantly define new standards, guaranteeing the products' endurance and lifespan. Rigorous testing in the FHCS quality assurance laboratories ensures these high expectations are always met.

State-of-the-art innovations and always having a finger on the pulse of technology are Vileda's defining strengths. The creation of new technologies is executed by fusing established know-how and expertise with forward-thinking ideas, thereby offering our customers real help and support around the house. For over 60 years now, our research and development teams have focused their work on dedicated, task-oriented household tools.

Ground-breaking new products are constantly being developed; all based on the latest technologies, targeted analyses and customer needs. These products address all the various cleaning problems encountered in the home and do so with a focus on ease-of-use and efficiency.

Innovative inventions, such as the non-woven fabric developed in the 40s or our Microfibre technology, have all set new standards. Products such as the Vileda Window Cloth, the Super Mocio, the All Purpose Cloth and the flat mops (Wischmat and ActiveMax) have all revolutionised their sectors and have become household names in doing so.

Health and safety aspects also play a large role in product development, particular attention being paid to the ergonomics of a product. For instance, adjustable telescopic mop handles help prevent chronic back pain aggravated by poor posture when cleaning. The wringers help squeeze the water out of the mop without having to overly exert oneself or bend over.

Form follows function. Alongside efficiency and the other functional aspects of the product development cycle, aesthetics also play a role. Indeed, the ceaseless improvement of our products is reflected in our constantly updated designs.

Efficiency, ergonomics and design all join forces to transform your household chores into a fast and effortless undertaking - leaving more quality time for family and friends.

Freudenberg Household Products LP, 2 Chichester Street, Rochdale OL16 2AX