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This competition is now closed. Winners will be notified on or before 5 July 2018.

You can find out more about our Laundrycare Range here.

From those that follow a strict laundrycare regime to those that leave it until crisis point, when it comes to laundry everyone’s different. So we asked almost 2,000 people how they take care of their laundry.Take our quiz to find out how they answered and match up the best product for their needs!

Play and you could win a £250 High Street Voucher or 1 of 15 Express Radiator Airers.

Question 1
67% of people who dry their clothes indoors do not have a spare room or utility room to dry their clothes in
If you wanted to use an indoor dryer that does not take up too much space, which would you choose?
Question 2
34% of people use an indoor
clothes dryer to dry their washing
If you need an indoor dryer with lots of drying space, which Vileda product would be best?
Question 3
23% of people dry their
clothes outside
If you’re limited on outdoor space but want to occasionally dry your clothes outside, which outdoor dryer should you go for?
Question 4
53% of people spend at
least one hour per week ironing
Which board has a metalized parking zone on the cover, to reduce burn marks meaning you can temporarily rest your iron for convenience?
Question 5
36% of people iron
at least once a week
If you want to speed up ironing time with a heat reflective ironing board cover, what should you go for?

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