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Vileda Beauty



We have a great range of indoor brooms including our best selling Duactiva broom which provides a 1 sweep clean every time. The 3Action broom is made using special technology which helps you to sweep more efficiently. The perfect complement to the range is our 2 in 1 Dustpan and Brush set.

  1. Vileda DustPan Set

    Vileda DustPan Set

    • Collects the dirt in one sweep on all even floor surfaces
    • Easier dirt collection with the rubber lip on the pan
    • Extremely durable
    • Broom handle snugly fits into the pan for easier storage
    • Short dust pan with small collecting brush
  2. Vileda Long Handled DustPan

    Vileda Long Handled DustPan

    • Collects the dirt in one sweep; no need to bend down
    • Can be used with most brooms
    • Long handle (80cm)
    • 50% bigger mouth
    • Foldable so easy to store
  3. Vileda 3 Action Broom

    Vileda 3 Action Broom

    • The Vileda 3Action broom has special bristles which are aligned in a certain pattern in the broom head which maximises the amount of dirt and dust that can be cleared in one sweep.
  4. Vileda Super Angle Pro Broom

    Vileda Super Angle Pro Broom

    • Because of the shapely angled head, cleaning in hard-to-reach places is easy
    • Catches more dirt with its unique feathered bristle tips when compared with ordinary bristles
    • Convenient end cap for hanging storage
    • Furniture is protected from damage because of the rubber bumper guards
    • 100% recycled P.E.T ecofibres
  5. Vileda DuActiva Broom

    Vileda DuActiva Broom

    • The DuActiva Broom collects dirt in one sweep because of the bristles and foam layer, nothing will escape
    • Hairs don’t get stuck
    • Protect your furniture with the brooms bumper guards.
    • Easily reaches under furniture and into corners with NEW and Improved angled bristles.
    • Telescopic handle so you can extend to a length that suits you
    • Removable anti-dust barrier for easy cleaning.