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Vileda Beauty

Floor Cleaning Robots

Floor Cleaning Robots

Relax whilst our robots do the work. Sweeping with their counter-rotating brushes, side brush, spinning bristles and vacuum power, these rechargeable robots keep on top of your cleaning on a daily basis.

  1. Vileda VR101 Robot

    Vileda VR101 Robot

    • Sweeps and vacuums at the touch of a button – saves you time!
    • Cleans under and between furniture, reaching corners more easily
    • The large 370ml dust bin is easy to remove and empty
    • 2 cleaning programs 20 min and 60 min for different room sizes
    • 2 cleaning patterns (spiral + parallel) for effective cleaning
  2. Vileda VR302 Cleaning Robot

    Vileda VR302 Cleaning Robot


    • Strong cleaning performance with dual side brushes for corner cleaning
    • 4 cleaning modes (ECO, MAX, Spot, and scheduled cleaning)
    • 3 cleaning patterns (spiral, zig-zag, auto)
    • Contactless obstacle recognition
    • Stair safety technology
    • Automatic charging
    • Daily scheduling