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Vileda Beauty

Vileda Complete Mop Sets

Vileda Complete Mop Sets

All the tools you need for a complete floor clean on all hard floor surfaces, simply add water!

  1. Vileda Turbo Mop & Bucket Set

    Vileda Turbo Mop & Bucket Set

    • Integrated easy-pour mouth
    • Suitable for all hard floor surfaces
    • 2in1 Microfibre Head for Improved particle pickup
    • Triangular mop head shape for excellent corner cleaning
    • Easy to remove mop head
  2. Vileda SuperMocio XL 3Action Mop & Bucket Set

    Vileda SuperMocio XL 3Action Mop & Bucket Set

    • Complete Mop and Bucket kit containing SuperMocio 3Action XL mop head, 3 piece handle and SuperMocio Bucket & Torsion Wringer
    • The mop includes 3 main cleaning actions: red non-scratch scourer for stubborn dirt, blue microfibre zone for removing greasy residue, 3D red dots for extra hair and particle pick up
    • Now XL for 25% extra floor contact, making cleaning more efficient! Now with Torsion power the unique wringer twists and squeezes the mop head with less effort. Floors dry faster!
    • Bucket capacity 10 litres, with pouring lip, tipping hand hold underneath and a durable metal handle with comfort grip
    • Replacement mop heads available to purchase separately

  3. Vileda Ultramat Turbo Box Set

    Vileda Ultramat Turbo Box Set

    • Foot pedal operated wringer makes wringing mop so much easier
    • Bucket has a splash guard and easy feed wringer
    • Microfiber pad for more efficient cleaning
    • Large flat machine washable pad suitable for all floor types
    • Power zones for improved floor cleaning
  4. Vileda Ultramax Box Set

    Vileda Ultramax Box Set

    • Ideal for all hard floor types, even wood and laminate
    • 2in1 Microfibre pad removes greasy strains, dust and marks
    • Easily cleans under furniture thanks to the 180° pivoted swivel head
    • Machine washable pad up to 60°C
    • Unique ‘Powerzone’ textured pattern to apply pressure where you need it most
    • 30% extra particle pickup compared to the previous Vileda UltraMax Mop
    • Asymmetric bucket funnel wringer to avoid unnecessary pad lifting and water splashing